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  • 2020年度

    Ping An Puhui funded 5 million yuan to support COVID-19 designated hospitals or emergency hospitals in non-provincial cities in Hubei to purchase anti-epidemic materials and equipment.
    The CWDF initiated a project aimed at providing care and support to medical workers on the frontline of the battle against COVD-19 and their families.
    Hyatt Hotels Corporation donated 2 million yuan to designated hospitals in Central China's Hubei Province for their purchase of much-needed medical equipment such as ventilators and blood gas analyzers.
    Wacoal China Co donated thermal underwear worth 1.38 million yuan to the anti-epidemic frontline in Hubei Province.
    Applied Materials Foundation, Citibank China, Chevron Corporation, Cheniere Energy, Lam Research and Owens Corning donated a total of 6.54 million yuan for buying ventilators and blood gas analyzers to support Hubei Province.
    UTC supported the purchase of 293 oxygenerators and 2,930 nasal oxygen cannulae, all of which have been shipped to Suizhou, Jingzhou and Xiangyang cities of Hubei Province on February 15, for patients in hospitals and isolation sites.
     2 million yuan worth of washing and caring supplies donated by Frog Prince arrived in Hubei and Fujian provinces.
    The CWDF published its Appraisal Report on the Water Cellar for Mothers Project's Brand Influence and Social Value.
    Shanghai Rajax Information Technology, China National Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (Sinopharm) and other companies donated 36,000 packages consisting of food, daily necessities and health supplies to women medical workers in Hubei.
    Shandong Show Long Outlets Group donated 200,000 sets of protective clothing worth 25.6 million yuan to Hubei.
    The Beijing Representative Office of the Asia Foundation donated about 1.52 million yuan to purchase packages consisting of daily necessities, food and other materials.
    Estee Lauder donated skin care products worth about 10 million yuan to Hubei to alleviate the skin problems of women medical workers caused by wearing masks for a long time.
    Walmart China donated 2 million yuan to support "Go! Anti-Epidemic Angel" Project.Pepsi donated more than 3 million yuan for purchase of 30 blood gas analyzers to support "Go! Anti-Epidemic Angel" Project and the purchase of Women Health Care Packages.
    Procter & Gamble (China) Marketing Co., Ltd. donated more than 22.2 million yuan of funds and materials, including ventilators, medical isolation suits, skincare products, to assist COVID-19 designated hospitals in Hubei and to distribute materials to medical workers in Hubei and those assisting Hubei.
    The All-China Women's Federation, the CWDF and Tencent donated epidemic prevention materials to six European countries.
    Ferragamo donated 1 million yuan to support "Go! Anti-Epidemic Angel" Project.
    Frog Prince and CWDF donated 500,000 yuan to Maternity and Child Healthcare Hospital in Huangshi City, Hubei Province.
    Volkswagen Group China, China Cummins Investment, Scania (China) Sales Co, JAC Volkswagen, Beijing Xiaoju Technology Co., Ltd. and CWDF donated 64 ventilators, 55 blood gas analyzers, 22 electrocardiographs, 16,000 packs of women's hygiene products and 2,025 parcels for medical workers' families.
    The third phase of Raise Her Business Plan — SDGs project was launched.
    The CWDF and Starbucks jointly launched a program to help impoverished mothers in rural areas.
    The CWDF submitted a four-year review report on its special consultative status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council.
    Nestlé China has continuously donated money to implement the Nestlé Scholarship Project.
    Lenovo Capital Model and Good Samaritans Care Plan helped a total of 585 people (times), including sacrificed police officers, disabled police officers, children of sacrificed police officers, police officers living in difficulties, and frontline role model police officers.
    The Beijing 2022 and Women Project started its first phase of training sessions on empowering businesswomen in charge of small and micro enterprises in cultural tourism on the Internet.
    Raise Her Business Plan — Amorepacific Her Doing Household Chores charity project was launched.
    Raise Her Business Plan— Mom's Home project was launched in Ludian County, Southwest China's Yunnan Province.
    Amorepacific donated skin care products worth over 14.83 million yuan to the front line of the battle against COVID-19 in Northeast China's Jilin Province and Southwest China's Guizhou Province.
    Raise Her Business Plan — AMOREPACIFIC Her Doing Household Chores Charity Project was officially launched on July 23, and AMOREPACIFIC donated more than 14.8 million yuan worth of cosmetics and skincare products to care for the frontline workers in Jilin and Guizhou provinces.
    Return visits to mark the 20th anniversary of the Water Cellar for Mothers Project were carried out in Qingshuihe and Wuchuan counties in Hohhot City, North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Eshan County in Yuxi City, Southwest China's Yunnan Province.
    DeRucci Beddings Company donated mattresses worth 700,000 yuan to the CWDF to care for families of medical workers from Northwest China's Shaanxi Province to support Hubei and to welfare houses in flood-affected areas in East China's Jiangxi Province.
    The Mother's Smile Action and the China Foundation for Disabled Persons helped children suffered from cleft lip and palate in Northwest China's Gansu Province.
    Return visits to mark the 20th anniversary of the Water Cellar for Mothers Project were held in Fengjie County and Shapingba and Nanchuan districts in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality.
    The Beijing 2022 and Women Project released its survey report on women-led small and micro enterprises in the cultural and tourism category at a press conference in Beijing.
    The Go Mulan charity project used blockchain technology to improve the credibility of the project and empower the project with science and technology.
    A donation event to help impoverished mothers receive free screening and treatment of cervical and breast cancer was held in Qingjian County in Northwest China's Shaanxi Province.
    Zhen Yan, Director-General of the CWDF, led a team to Chongqing to carry out research on brand projects such as Water Cellar for Mothers Project, Health Express for Mothers Project, Revolving Funds for Mothers and Postal Parcels for Mothers.
    The fifth national women's charity organization ability building training session was held in Shenzhen, attracting 44 trainees from 11 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.
    The CWDF and the China State Construction Engineering Group's Aiding Accident-affected and Needy Families Campaign gave out funds to people in Anmenkou Town of Kangxian County, Northwest China's Gansu Province.
     Genius Mom Project was upgraded and launched.
    The CWDF and the Crest brand of Procter & Gamble (China) carried out more than 1,000 activities to publicize family oral health knowledge in 18 provinces across China.
    Return visits to mark the 20th anniversary of the Water Cellar for Mothers Project were carried out in Huangling County in Northwest China's Shaanxi Province, Hanshou and Shimen counties in Central China's Hunan Province and Danzhai County in Southwest China's Guizhou Province.
    Happy Family Health Management Promotion Plan — Women's Bone Health Publicity and Education Project was launched in Beijing.
    The 2020 donation ceremony of the Loving Future Charity Project and its exchange activity was held in Shuanghe Community in Beijing's Chaoyang District. The Netherlands-based FrieslandCampina donated five million yuan.
    Special activities to mark the 30th anniversary of the Mothers' Smile Action — a charity dinner and the third meeting of the second plenary session of the project's management committee were held in Hangzhou, capital city of East China's Jiangsu Province.
    Family Nurturing Plan and volunteers from Alibaba carried out a parent-child cultural trip for impoverished families in Beijing.
    A phase summary meeting of the CWDF-SAMSUNG STEM Girls Project and the launching ceremony of its discovery camp was held in Beijing.
    The Campaign to Improve Cervical Health of Chinese Women held its 2020 health color run at Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications.
    The CWDF, the ACWF and the Shandong Show Long Outlets Group donated 100,000 protective clothing to the Embassy of Spain in China.
    The national service project of the Family Nurturing Plan — Regaining Jobs was launched in Hubei Province.
    An exchange meeting of the Happy Family Health Management Promotion Plan and the launching ceremony of Caring for Lungs project was held in Beijing.
    Lam Research and Wal-Mart donated 2.38 million yuan to purchase packages consisting of healthcare products and daily necessities to care for medical workers who participated in the anti-COVID-19 battle.
    The Sixth Perfect Charity Movies Festival was successfully held in Zhongshan City, South China's Guangdong Province.
    L'Oreal (China) donated more than 36.6 million yuan of anti-epidemic and anti-flood materials to care for frontline medical staff, border inspectors, policewomen, community workers, volunteers, and affected people and families and the distribution work was completed.




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