CWDF, Otis Launch a STEM Scholarship to Assist Women College Students


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The China Women's Development Foundation (CWDF) and Otis Corp, a leading US manufacturer of elevators and escalators, jointly launched the Mulan Development Program: Otis STEM Scholarship at a ceremony in Beijing on April 1, 2021.
Nan Jing, assistant secretary-general of the CWDF, Jordi Casas, vice-president of Human Resources Department of Otis China, and media organizations attended the signing ceremony.
Nan Jing (R), assistant secretary-general of the China Women's Development Foundation, shakes hands with Jordi Casas, vice-president of the Human Resources Department of Otis China, during a signing ceremony in Beijing on April 1, 2021, which marks their joint launch of the Mulan Development Program: Otis STEM Scholarship. [China Women's Development Foundation]
According to Otis Corp, it will provide a total of 300,000 yuan (about US$ 50,000) this year to assist 90 women college students from Wuhan University, Sichuan University and Northwest A&F University in the completion of their academic studies.
The financial contributions will be directly used to support impoverished women students who are interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects and also demonstrate academic excellence and ambition to succeed, with the aim of encouraging more women to devote themselves to scientific and technological research and assist the country in the cultivation of scientific and technological talents with innovative spirit.
"There will be no scientific and technological development without the participation of women. Their rising presence in the sector will be conducive to changing social stereotypes and reshaping public perceptions of women. With the help of responsible companies like Otis in the implementation of the Mulan Development Program, we believe that there will be a rising number of women from all walks of life in the country to study STEM subjects, and hope that more and more women can take part in scientific and technological research and contribute their efforts to the building of a scientific and technological powerhouse," said Zhang Jianmin, secretary-general of the CWDF, at the ceremony.
"Our firm remains committed to the development of STEM education and the cultivation of relevant talents, and endeavors to promote the popularity of its corporate culture featuring diversity and harmonious co-existence. We expect that the scholarship affiliated with the CWDF Mulan Development Program will help more women, bring to excellent women a brighter future, and encourage them to make greater contributions to socioeconomic growth," noted Perry Zheng, president of Otis China, in his speech during the inaugural event.


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