Guizhou, Heilongjiang Launch Charity Program to Train Women on Household Management Services


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A charity program titled @ Raise Her Entrepreneurship Plan · Amore Pacific : Household Management Training for Women, was simultaneously launched in Guizhou and Heilongjiang provinces on March 30, 2021.
A photo taken on March 30, 2021 shows the opening ceremony of the charity initiative in southwest China's Guizhou Province. [China Women's Development Foundation]
A total of 600 women from the two provinces will receive technical training regarding household management services, which was designed to help them become economically independent and pursue better self-development.
Nan Jing, assistant secretary-general of the China Women's Development Foundation (CWDF), Long Lihong, vice-president of the Guizhou Women's Federation, and Li Li, vice-president of the Heilongjiang Women's Federation, attended the opening ceremonies separately held in the two provinces and gave speeches.
The director-general and deputy director-general of the Department for Women's Development in Guizhou Women's Federation, vice-presidents of Daqing Women's Federation, and representatives of training institutes, excellent representatives and new trainees also attended the opening ceremonies.
After the opening ceremony, the first training courses kicked off in Guizhou and Heilongjiang, during which participants will gain self-growth and thus contribute personal efforts to social harmony and development.
Officials from the women's federations in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province attend the opening ceremony of the charity initiative on March 30, 2021. [China Women's Development Foundation]
It is the second year that the two provinces have carried out the charity program. Local women's federations have further improved relevant training procedures on the basis of previous practices and experience and organized the compilation of a textbook on the standardized regulation of the charity initiative and a Q&A handbook for trainees to strengthen the management of the charity campaign, provide trainees with long-term assistance.
Amore Pacific, a renowned cosmetics company in the Republic of Korea (ROK), has been closely involved in women-oriented charity programs for years. It has been committed to the care of women and has expanded the scope of its charity focus from women's physical health to their empowerment.
The Household Management Training for Women charity initiative is evidence of Amore Pacific's long-term commitment to charity. Last year, over 700 impoverished women received technical training regarding household management services through the training. More than 85 percent of them have either became employed or set up their own business ventures, marking a transformation in their personal life and creating a better future for themselves.


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