CWDF Signs Strategic Agreement on Tourism-based Poverty Alleviation


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Attendees at the ceremony [CWDF]


The China Women's Development Foundation (CWDF) held a signing ceremony on June 29 in Beijing to launch a strategic cooperation agreement on poverty alleviation through tourism and entrepreneurship.

Co-sponsored by the China Women's Tourism Commission (CWTC) and Nanjing Women's Federation, the ceremony took place in the office building of the All-China Women's Federation.

During the event, sponsors and Beijing Ants Power Cultural Development Center for Traditional Handicrafts signed an agreement, saying they will take their respective advantages to helpimpoverished women start businesses and gain employment on their doorsteps.

Specifically, they agreed to implement characteristic poverty relief projects such as home-stay inns and farm-stays in poverty-stricken areas, develop unique tourism products based on local resources and carry out related market promotion.

Qin Guoying, director-general of the CWDF, gave a general introduction to the detailed cooperation plans among the four parties.

"With common goals, we must fully integrate resources and offer effective relief to impoverished women," Qin said.

Xu Xiaojie, vice-president of Nanjing Women's Federation, explained the progress of a charity competition which was organized to select outstanding designs for local home-stay inns among female designers.

Xu announced that the federation would raise 700,000 yuan (U.S.$ 103,440) for the competition and the application of selected designs.

Xiong Yumei, executive-director of the CWTC, made remarks on conditions and the next work plan of the Tourism Education Fund set up by the commission in 2014 to improve the comprehensive capacity of women who engage in the industry.

Xiong stated the CWTC would spend 300,000 yuan (U.S.$ 44,332) building tourist-driven poverty-alleviation demonstration areas.

Li Boying, executive-director of Mom's Handicrafts Cooperative – a charity brand set up by the CWDF to give skills training to disadvantaged women and help them shake off poverty – talked about the cooperative's operation model and said they would contribute 300,000 yuan (U.S.$ 44,332) to the building of home-stay inns.



Qin Guoying (L3), director-general of the CWDF, speaks at the ceremony. [CWDF]


Attendees at the ceremony [CWDF]


Representatives from the four parties sign the agreement. [CWDF]


Representatives from the four parties pose for a picture. [CWDF]


(Source: CWDF/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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