CWDF Charity Projects Donate to Mothers in Need


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CWDF Charity Projects Donate to Mothers in Need
Vice President and Member of the Secretariat of the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) and Vice Director of the China Women's Development Foundation (CWDF) Yu Hongqiu (R) attends a ceremony held on January 10, 2014, during which the CWDF and Perfect (China) Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperative agreement. []
The China Women's Development Foundation (CWDF) and Perfect (China) Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperative agreement in Beijing on January 10, 2014. 

Vice President and Member of the Secretariat of the All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) and CWDF Vice Director Yu Hongqiu presented at the ceremony, and spoke highly of Perfect's (China) support of Chinese women's development and its contribution to Chinese women's charity projects. Yu also stressed that the CWDF will continuously promote transparency in management, ensuring that the donations be used to improve the life standards of women in need. 

Perfect (China) also donated more than 12.47 million yuan (US$ 2.06 million) to support the Water Cellar for Mothers Project and the School Water Safety Program, and will provide training to impoverished single mothers. 

Over the past 14 years, Perfect (China) has been working with the CWDF and ACWF to promote the development of Chinese women and donated more than 32 million yuan (US$ 5.3 million) to various charity programs. As the first company to donate to the Water Cellar for Mothers project, Perfect (China) has helped to solve the water shortage problems of 30,666 people in 26 counties in northwest China's Gansu and Shaanxi provinces, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, west China's Tibet Autonomous Region and north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

The Water Cellar for Mothers Project, launched by the CWDF in 2000, aims to help poverty-stricken women gain financial independence by easing water shortages in China's parched western regions. 

Low rainfall and high evaporation in these regions has resulted in an extremely dry climate and a serious lack of water. Drinking water for people and livestock almost completely relies on rainfall. Therefore, water cellars have become the most common, convenient and economical tool for collecting water. A 36-cubic-meter water cellar can satisfy the needs of a five-person family, and two cellars can help a family grow 6.7 hectares of cash crops. 

The project can help women and their families improve their quality of life and health levels, and can contribute to local social and economic development. 

The amount of money invested in the project since its launch in 2001 has hit 600 million yuan (about US$ 95 million), according to the project's managing organization. 

The Water Cellar for Mothers Project has guaranteed supplies of safe drinking water for 1.8 million residents through the construction of 128,000 cellars and 1,400 water supply facilities. 

The CWDF started to launch school water safety programs under the Water Cellar for Mothers project in rural schools in 2011, aiming to provide safe water supply systems, water purification and disinfection equipment, and sanitary toilets for students. By the end of 2012, about 20 million yuan (US$ 3.3 million) had been allocated to the program to run in 101 schools in 11 provinces and regions, benefiting 65,000 teachers and students. 

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