CWDF, Online Company Jointly Promote 'Happiness At Home' Charity


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CWDF, Online Company Jointly Promote
Qing Guoying, secretary general and vice president of the China Women's Development Foundation, delivers a speech at the launch of the Wujia Fund. []

A charity fund promoting domestic happiness was jointly established in Beijing by the China Women's Development Foundation (CWDF) and household service provider on November 22, 2014.

The Wujia Fund, as they have called it, aims to "provide all types of charity services and promote harmony and happiness at home". It will target disadvantaged groups and communities and provide them with financial aid, marriage and household services, consultation services, employment information, and home appliance.

As the project's primary sponsor, donated 5 million yuan (U.S. $820,000), to be used as the fund's initial capital.

In her keynote speech at the donation ceremony, Qin Guoying — secretary general and vice president of the CWDF — expressed her hope that the fund can make great strides and provide underprivileged families with comprehensive services, including free medical services, in communities that are in need of such assistance.

Representatives from a broad range of organizations — including those of photographers, artists, judges, doctors, geologists, lawyers, university students and teachers — joined the fund's volunteer team.

The fund invited Olympic skating gold medalist and member of the International Olympic Committee Yang Yang to be its goodwill ambassador.

At the ceremony, the fund held a workshop to introduce keys to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy approach to life. Meanwhile, the fund also organized its first free health and fitness services, in Beijing's Fahuananli and Yutaoyuan communities.

Another 10 communities in the city have applied for the fund's health and fitness services.

The All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) will oversee operation and management of the fund. ACWF Vice-President Yu Hongqiu attended the donation ceremony.

CWDF, Online Company Jointly Promote

ACWF Vice President Yu Hongqiu (L) accepts's donation on behalf of the China Women's Development Foundation. []


(Source: and edited by Women of China)

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