3rd Chinese Women's Charity Awards Announced


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The Third Chinese Women's Charity Awards was held in Beijing on December 30, 2014, to recognize the charitable efforts made by domestic enterprises and individuals in helping underprivileged women.

The awards ceremony, now in its third installment, aims to draw public attention to women's issues, to promote the development of women-related charity projects, to create a healthy environment for women's development and to recognize the contributions made by outstanding organizations and individuals in helping the development of women in China. The All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) and the China Women's Development Foundation(CWDF) have held the awards every two years since 2010.

At the 2013–2014 awards ceremony, China Everbright Bank and 14 other enterprises donated more than 60 million yuan (US $9.68 million) to the CWDF.

The Agricultural Bank of China and 10 other enterprises were presented with the Exemplary Award, as were Hu Shulan and 2 other individuals. The China National Offshore Oil Corporation and 10 other companies won the Model Award, as did Yang Meihong and 7 other individuals. China Post, 63 other companies, Wang Chunli and 30 other individuals won the Outstanding Contribution Award.

In addition, the People's Insurance Company (Group) of China Limited and 10 other enterprises were announced to become the CWDF's third batch of strategic partners.

At the awards ceremony, CWDF Vice-President Qin Guoyin issued the CWDF's 2013–2014 charity development report as well as the its 2015–2016 development plan.

According to the 2013–2014 charity development report, the CWDF has received donated funds and materials with a total worth of 873 million yuan (US $141 million) and has spent 900 million yuan (U.S. $145 million) on charity programs, benefiting 27. 34 million people.

Regarding more-specific findings and statistics, the CWDF has built 261 water cellars and 5 centralized water supplying systems per month as part of its Water Cellars for Mothers program, resolving water shortages for 18,470 people in the two-year span that the report's data covers. In that time, the CWDF also built drinking-water infrastructure for 9 primary and middle schools per month as part of its Safe School Water Project, providing 5,492 students with clean drinking water; sent 20 mobile clinics per month as part of its Health Express for Mothers program, providing medical consultation and patient transfer services to nearly 1 million women and giving medical treatment to 874 poverty-stricken women with breast cancer, cervical cancer and/or other severe diseases; and provided 1.45 million yuan (US $233,814) in donations for women to help with their entrepreneurial start-up projects and new businesses.

In an effort to further strengthen the sound development of Chinese women's charity cause, the CWDF organized a partner meeting to solicit advice from its partners on improving cooperative approaches, strengthening cooperative effectiveness and expanding social benefits.

The awards ceremony had more than 300 people in attendance, featuring such attendees as President of the ACWF Shen Yueyue; vice presidents Song Xiuyan and Yu Hongqiu; Vice-President of the CWDF Zhen Yan; as well as representatives from the CWDF's partners, charity individuals, charity ambassadors and media outlets.

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