10 Mil Yuan Donated to CWDF for Needy Mothers' Entrepreneurship


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Walmart China declared on October 24 in Beijing that the company will donate 10 million yuan (U.S. $1.63 million) to the China Women's Development Foundation (CWDF) to support the implementation of the Revolving Fund for Mothers' New Ventures in China.

This is the fifth time that Walmart China has donated money to support the program which aims to help impoverished women find jobs or start their own business.

At the donation ceremony held in Beijing, Secretary-General of CWDF Qin Guoying extended CWDF's appreciations to the company. Qin said that so far the Revolving Fund for Mothers' New Ventures has invested 200 million yuan (U.S. $32.71 million) in 200 counties across China and helped 300,000 impoverished women find jobs or start their own business. The fund has benefitted 3 million women and 98 percent of loans have been repaid on time, Qin added.

Qin noted that the fund also provided professional training to women and improved women's professional skills.

Dan Bartlett,senior manager of Walmart Company also spoke at the ceremony. Dan said that the company has put an emphasis on promoting women's development. In 2011, Walmart Company launched a Women's Economic Independence Program across the world which increased the company's purchases from women-owned enterprises and offered professional training to 1 million women, Bartlett added.

So far, Walmart China has already invested 5.04 million yuan (U.S. $824,200) to support the Revolving Fund for Mothers' New Ventures. The program used the money donated by Walmart China to assist 3000 women and their families in nine provinces and municipalities across China. Over 7000 people benefitted from the program and 190,000 people secured their jobs under the support of the program.

In order to allow the public to take part in the program, Walmart China launched an on-line donation activity. The netizens can log onto http://weibo.com/2554247621/BsqQDsZeQ to make their donations to the program.

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