Pepsi Launches “Take Happiness Home” and “Pepsi Sends Happiness” Activities in the New Year


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Pepsi joined hands with Pepsi-Cola, Lay’s, Mirinda and Tropicana to organize a press conference for “Take Happiness Home” and “Pepsi Sends Happiness” in Shanghai on January 7, 2014. Pepsi put forward the idea of “Home Both Near and Far, Happiness Both Great and Small” and joined hands with China Women’s Development Foundation (CWDF), Tmall of Alibaba and celebrities to launch the “Pepsi Sends Happiness” activity. It aimed to appeal to people to embrace the “Chinese Dream” and take happiness home by sending love and harvesting happiness.

    Against the backdrop as one of the innovative brands’ leaders globally, Pepsi made full use of its resources to build the “Take Happiness Home 2014” activities, such as participating in the CWDF’s “Take Happiness—Postal Parcels Sent to Impoverished Mothers as New Year Gifts” activity to enable mothers living in remote and mountainous regions to enjoy a warm winter and happy new year. Pepsi also launched a micro-film entitled Take Happiness Home 2014 in which Zhang Guoli, Louis Koo and Jolin Tsai presented a pleasant story of the “Fight for a Supermarket” to encourage people to love each other and send happiness. Aside from this, some actors and actresses also joined the shooting of the micro-film’s theme song.  

   Zhen Yan, vice-president of the All-China Women’s Federation and the CWDF, said, “Pepsi is a strategic partner of China Women’s Development Foundation and has been supporting ‘Water Cellars for Mothers’ and ‘Postal Parcels for Mothers’ for over 14 years. It has contributed a lot to the development of the CWDF. Tmall, as a leading e-business enterprise, provided a strong platform for the activity. The ‘Take Happiness Home—Postal Parcels for Mothers’ activity is an integration of charities and enterprises’ forces and also in accordance with the inner needs of people who participate in charities. It aims to provide a platform for people to participate in charities, pass on social love by donation, and send New Year’s wishes to impoverished mothers.”

     Lin Bibao, president of PepsiCo Greater China Region, stated in her speech, “Pepsi’s food and drinks are favored by hundreds of millions of Chinese consumers. The ‘Take Happiness Home’ activity provides itself as a perfect example by combining our different brands and touching issues consumers are concerned about.”

   Huang Xiaoming, a famous actor and Ambassador of Goodwill of Pepsi, said, “It was when I sent ‘Postal Parcels for Mothers’ to the impoverished mothers that I understood the true meaning of the activity. Happiness comes from in-between and cannot be judged as great or small. Although the mothers didn’t speak glittering words, I still felt their happiness through their sincere looks and bright smiles. It was my great honor to participate in the activity.”

   Li Ziqiang, a major initiator of the activity and chief marketing officer of PepsiCo Great China Region, said in his speech, “Chinese mothers have strong and optimistic hearts despite poverty. What we sent to them were hopes rather than materials. We sincerely hope to appeal to more people to send happiness and help every person live a happy New Year because there are still many underprivileged groups in need. We hope that the idea of ‘Home Both Near and Far, Happiness Both Great and Small’ can be carried forward. Let’s form the good habits of sending happiness in daily life and embrace the ‘Chinese Dream’.”

    At the activity in Shanghai, Pepsi announced their donation of another 2,014 “Postal Parcels for Mothers” to impoverished mothers in remote and mountainous regions to help them live a warm winter and happy New Year. On January 15 to 18, 2014, the CWDF and Pepsi are to pay a visit to grassroots areas and organize the “Take Happiness Home—Postal Parcels for Mothers” activity in Qinghai and Guizhou.



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