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In order to enable children to have a comfortable and happy summer and help parents understand safe, green and healthy methods of plant mosquito repellent, “Guard Childhood & Green Angel” plant mosquito repellent activities were held in Guangzhou First Kindergarten, Nanjing Naval Command College Kindergarten and others. Liu Jianping, a member of the Guangdong Provincial Health Education Specialized Committee delivered a special lecture about summer healthcare for children, introducing measures to prevent mosquitoes before sleep or when children are outdoors and the usage of professional products made for children after being bitten in order to help the parents understand the importance of preventing mosquito bites. In addition, children and parents in attendance planted anti-mosquito plants such as peppermint under the leadership of the host. As the co-sponsor, Beibeijian Brand of Superb Company, sent “mosquito prevention gift packs” to children including peppermint seeds, manuals printed with mosquito prevention formulas and cartoons and the book Children’s Health in Summer provided by the organizing committee of China Happy Family activities.

Diseases from mosquito bites have always been a concern of parents. The 2014 “Guard Childhood & Green Angel” mosquito prevention activity of Superb Beibeijian advocates creating a green, environmentally-friendly and safe environment, appealing for more children to get close to nature and understand plants. The project will continue to give away eighty thousand Children’s Health in Summer books through women’s federations and education systems to children in Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Jinan and widely spread the new idea of green environmental protection through the Chinese women's newspaper, China Women's network, Xinhua news agency, the people's network and other mainstream media, calling for society to pay attention to children’s health and the related education.

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