China Children’s Road Safety Advocacy Activity Held in Beijing


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                           President Huang Qingyi awards related organizations with the “Protecting Children and Safeguarding Children’s Traveling” children’s road safety education plate of honor.

Secretary General Qin Guoying and Vice President Yang Meihong donate children’s safety seats to the related organizations. 

 The Chinese Children’s Road Safety Advocacy (Beijing station) launch ceremony for “Protecting Children and Safeguarding Children’s Traveling”, organized by China Women’s Development Foundation and Volkswagen Group China, was held in the China Children Center  on May 23, 2014. Representatives from governmental branches, enterprises, kindergartens, and women and children care centers attended the ceremony and jointly launched the activity. At the ceremony, China Women’s Development Foundation donated 160 children’s safety seats to the parent representatives from Shou Qi Group, Shunfengche public charity and kindergartens in Beijing, displaying its practical support of the promotion of children’s road safety.

Huang Qingyi, former secretary of the Party leadership group and vice-president of All-China Women’s Federation as well as president of China Women’s Development Foundation, and Qin Guoying, vice-president and secretary-general of China Women’s Development Foundation, as well as Yang Meihong, vice-president of Volkswagen Group China, attended the activity.

At the ceremony, Huang recognized the China Children Center Experimental Kindergarten, Yuxiang Lantian Kindergarten, Root Education, and the Women and Children Care Center in Chaoyang District. As children’s road safety education bases, these four organizations will continue their efforts to promote children’s road safety in Beijing. At the same time, they appealed to all the sectors of society to focus on and promote children’s road safety.

Qin Guoying made a speech at the ceremony and pointed out that children’s safety issues resulted from adults and parents rather than children themselves. Solving these issues means starting from the whole family and communicating with parents. The “Protecting Children and Safeguarding Children’s Traveling” public welfare project aims to ensure children’s road safety by encouraging parents to learn more about children’s road safety, promoting children’s road safety and protection in society, and demonstrating their exemplary work.

Regarding this concern, Yang Meihong said, “Guaranteeing children’s road safety and strengthening people’s sense of safety regarding children while driving are our common responsibility. It’s our pleasure to join hands with China Women’s Development Foundation. Volkswagen Group China plans to dedicate itself to introducing the children’s safety project to more regions. We are pleased to focus on and discuss the topic of Chinese children’s road safety together with all of you. This year Volkswagen Group China is to organize a series of activities on children’s road safety jointly with another two joint venture enterprises. In order to help with the introduction of this project nationwide, we will also provide the related training and guidance and make a promotional video on children’s road safety and safety seats.”

After the ceremony, the professional lecturers began their promotion and teaching work on children’s safety seats and road safety, and made a detailed and in-depth introduction about ways to ensure children’s road safety. Moreover, some interactive programs on children’s safety (including the collision simulation experiment, children’s safety seat installation contest, children’s road safety simulation game and children’s entertainment region) were designed on site to allow the audience to fully understand the importance of ensuring children’s road safety, display how to correctly protect children in a direct and vivid way, thereby effectively improving public awareness of children’s road safety.

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