First Chinese “Little People” Cultural Development Forum Held in Beijing


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Recently, a hit TV show named Cherry Red Mini Mum reflecting disabled little people’s lives and experiences garnered wide interest from different sectors of society. How could millions of little people survive and develop in their lives? How could they actively participate in the cultural industry’s prosperous development and make a difference? On May 22, 2014, “The First Chinese Little People Cultural Development Forum”, hosted by China Women’s Development Foundation, was held in Beijing. Hundreds of little people from all over China, officials from China Women’s Development Foundation, China Disabled Persons Federation, The Central Committee of the Communist Young League and Beijing Disabled Persons Federation as well as experts, scholars and enterprise representatives forming different circles of society, attended the forum.

Participants at the forum discussed the topic of “How Little People Can Realize Self-Reliance, Active Participation and Integration into Society by Grasping the Development Opportunities of the Cultural Industry”. Representative little people at the forum shared their own cultural startup stories including their achievements and difficulties met. Experts, scholars and enterprise representatives analyzed the features of the current cultural industry from different perspectives and shared their own suggestions and opinions about little people being engaged in cultural arts, handicrafts, innovative culture, and even special soccer and unique restaurants. On the one hand, the fact that little people had succeeded in learning and carrying forward their skills, protecting intangible cultural heritage, attracted the focus of the participants at the forum. On the other hand, the reality that little people’s participation in the work of protecting cultural heritage hadn’t attracted enough attention in the industry, and that they had even faced discrimination, was given much attention by the experts and scholars.

In order to help more little people overcome their life difficulties, pursue their dreams and achieve self-fulfillment by actively integrating into society, officials at the forum awarded cultural, skills and occupational training public welfare centers with plates. At the same time, they announced that the Beijing Dragon Shadow Figures Art School, the first domestic professional shadow figures art school, was established.

Zhu Xisheng, deputy-secretary-general of China Women’s Development Foundation, and Lu Zhengming, vice-president of Beijing Disabled Persons Federation, as well as Sun Yiping, representative from China Disabled Persons Federation, made key speeches at the forum. They expressed the related governmental branches’ care and encouragement for little people’s development, explained related policies and guidance suggestions. Leaders from the Center for Network Film & Television of the Communist Youth League of China and the Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture also attended the forum. Enterprises like Xianghehuadian and Tianjielong donated 300,000 yuan (U.S.$45,540) to the “Chinese Little People Cultural Development Fund” and China Disabled Persons Federation donated 20 laptops to Beijing People Shadow Dragon in the Days of Pocket.


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