China Women’s Development Foundation Pink Apple Fund Benefits the Hani Women


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The Pink Apple Fund, jointly established by China Women’s Development Foundation and Guangzhou Ifulai Biotechnology Co., Ltd., held the “Reproduction Anti-Cancer Awakening Action and Public Spirits Influence China” activity in Yuanyang County, Yunnan Province on May 21. Over 200 people including Qin Guoying, vice-president and secretary-general of China Women’s Development Foundation, Tang Suqun, secretary of the Party committee of the China Women’s Activity Center, Ma Yingchun, vice-president of Yunnan Women’s Federation, officials from Honghe Automonous Prefecture and Yuanyang County, as well as Hani women, attended the activity.

Qin Guoying made a key speech and stated, “Health is a basic right of women and also a significant indicator reflecting the development of women and children. Health issues are closely related to the family’s harmony. Today many problems exist in the development of women’s health, especially amongst minority women who have to suffer issues related to money, access, transportation and custom. We are supposed to care more about women and children by cutting down the tragedies caused by long routes to hospital and late treatment, sadness caused by losing one’s health rights due to poverty and regret caused by the ignorance of the illness.” She expressed gratitude to the Ifulai Co., Ltd. for donating three Mobile Clinics worth 590,000 RMB to the impoverished regions and organizing free reproduction disease check-ups for minority women. These deeds reflected its social responsibility and love. She also wished all of the women a healthy and happy life.

Ma Yingchun pointed out that Yuanyang County was a national-level poverty-stricken county featuring border towns, mountainous regions, minorities and poverty, so the fund not only benefits Hani women, but also improves their sense of self-protection by teaching them scientific knowledge related to reproductive health. The 125 Mobile Clinics donated by China Women’s Development Foundation would effectively promote the development of women’s health by providing mobile hospitals and care service stations and guaranteeing the health of minority women in Yunnan Province.

At the Mobile Clinics donation ceremony, Qin Guoqing awarded the president of Ifulai Co., Ltd. with the honorary certificate of a responsible enterprise and encouraged it to continue their support of developing women’s public welfare projects.

Li Weizhen, a popular star of China Good Voice also attended the activity. As a young man born in the mountainous region, he could deeply understand the hardships of the minority women. Touched by the activity, he sang to express his support of pushing forward the public welfare projects in his hometown.

    After the activity, approximately 200 minority women stood in lines to receive the free reproductive disease check-ups by the Yuanyang County Hospital. For most of them it was the first time they were able to enjoy such services, therefore all of them felt very happy and excited. The officials also paid a visit to the impoverished mothers living in the wards and expressed their love. 

    Where there is love, there is happiness. Where there is love, there is the Chinese Dream.


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