China Women’s Development Foundation, Perfect (China) Show Care to Environmental Sanitation Workwoman


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On Mothers’ Day and the International Day of Families, China Women’s Development Foundation (CWDF) joined hands with Perfect (China) Co., Ltd. to launch the “Perfect (China) Cares About Beauty Action - Help the Urban Environmental Sanitation Workwoman” event. Perfect (China) Co., Ltd. donated 9,000 sets of nutrition oil and Marie Anne eye gel worth 4.6 million yuan (U.S.$0.69 million) to CWDF. The first station was set up in Beijing and the distribution activities were organized in Tongzhou and Haidian District on May 15 and 20, respectively, bringing 2,200 environmental sanitation workwomen sincere care and good wishes.

The environmental sanitation workwoman, as the main member of the environmental sanitation team, works at the frontier of cleaning work for the whole year. They guarantee urban cleanliness and work hard on the streets. They, unknown to the public, work diligently just because they hope people can enjoy urban cleanliness and beauty. Perfect (China) Co. Ltd. aimed to express its respect and care to these workwomen through this event and also joined hands with CWDF to appeal to society to focus on and care about this special group of workwoman and build a social environment filled with love.

Officials from CWDF and Liu Bin, general-manager of Perfect (China) Co., Ltd., attended the distribution activities. Also, some local brand distributors participated in the activities as volunteers. On behalf of the enterprise, Liu sent these workwomen skincare and healthcare products. Besides, Liu introduced the newest developments and charity ideas of the enterprise as well as other public welfare projects such as Water Cellars for Mothers and Postal Parcels for Mothers built by the enterprise and CWDF.

Since its establishment, Perfect Co., Ltd. practiced the operational idea of “taking from the community, paying back to society” and has organized various volunteering activities. Besides owning these well-known non-profit brands, it also shouldered its own social responsibility by helping people in need. This year Perfect Co., Ltd. actively participated in the public welfare projects of “Care Mark” and “Warm Winter Action” and set up the “Care Drinking Station”, bringing underprivileged groups care and warmth.

“Perfect (China) Cares about Beauty Action” will gradually also be held in Jiangsu, Guangdong and Guangxi. It aims to send environmental sanitation workwomen its sincere love and greetings and help them achieve both inner and outer health and beauty.


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