“Love, Happiness and Fashion” Public Jogging Kicks Off in Birds’ Nest


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The TOYOTA Corolla 2014 IAAF World Track and Field Challenge Contest named “Love Running in Beijing” - “Love, Happiness and Fashion” on May 18 opened in the Birds’ Nest Stadium. Guided by NESTAR, the cartoon image of the Birds’ Nest, over 3,000 participants wearing fashionable clothing and red bowties held colorful balloons and ran the course. The National Stadium thus became a world of love and happiness and the excited runners seemed to be attending a grand party. They proved by action that “Fashionable Running” was not simply a contest for speed but one to enjoy the happiness of running and supporting the public welfare project.

Yu Hongqiu, vice-president of the All-China Women’s Federation and vice-president of the China Women’s Development Foundation (CWDF), attended the activity and spoke highly of the brand new model of combining charity, sports and cartoons. At the opening ceremony, Frog Prince (China) Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. donated one million RMB to CWDF to support the project of “Protecting Children” and organize the 2014 non-profit summer camp themed around children’s safety. 

    As the outpost station of the 2014 IAAF World Track and Field Challenge Contest, this event was hosted by Beijing Sports Competitions Administration Center and National Stadium Co., Ltd., supported by the “Protecting Children” Baby Luo Special Fund by CWDF, Beijing Olympic Park Management Committee, Beijing Sports Association and Beijing Inno-Olympic Group Co., Ltd. and organized by Magic Mall of DYTM. It was also supported by TOYOTA, PEAK, Gome, Codoon.com, hosafitness, Youku Sports, Netease Running, China Philanthropist and ERUN360.com. It was the first time an event of this kind had combined a professional contest, general fitness and public welfare and promoted a healthy lifestyle through running. It aimed to promote the idea of low carbon and healthy jogging and make running became more fashionable. It also appealed to more people to find happiness in running by the name of love.


The angel square matrix made up of 100 “Baby Luos” wearing snow-white wings attracted people’s attention in particular. The members of the matrix hoped that more people would volunteer to join the “Baby Luo Angel Protecting Team” and work together to publicize child safety knowledge and protect children’s futures. They were keen to mobilize more social resources to contribute to the healthy growth of children by practically joining this charity event.

As a part of “Horn--China” charity events, the “NESTAR”, “Baby Luo” and other participants at the opening ceremony read out the motion slogan of “Horn--China” and appealed to people to protect children, the earth and their future. As the first station of the “Horn--China” charity events, this event created a brand new model, combining sports and a public welfare project. Profits from the event will be donated to the Protecting Children Special Fund—Baby Luo Fund of CWDF to support the “Protecting Children” charity event jointly launched by CWDF (the largest national-level 5A charity organization under the All-China Women’s Federation with women and family being its service targets) and 100 other non-profit organizations. It aims to realize the wish of health, happiness and love of all people through helping parents learn how to protect children and teaching children how to protect themselves. At the opening ceremony, Frog Prince (China) Daily Chemical Co., Ltd. donated one million RMB to CWDF to support the project of “Protecting Children” and organize the 2014 non-profit summer camp themed on children’s safety. 

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