2014 FAW-Volkswagen Children’s Safety Action Initiated


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The “Protecting Children and Safeguarding Children’s Travelling: 2014 FAW-Volkswagen Children’s Safety Action” is officially launched.

Doctor Feng Sihan, deputy executive general manager of FAW-Volkswagen Co., Ltd. experiences a collision at the ceremony.

(Changchun, Jilin Province) The “Protecting Children and Safeguarding Children’s Travelling: 2014 FAW-Volkswagen Children’s Safety Action”, jointly launched by China Women’s Development Foundation (CWDF) and FAW-Volkswagen Co., Ltd., was officially initiated in Changchun, Jilin Province on May 16. Approximately 200 people including Zhu Xisheng, deputy-secretary-general of CWDF, Wang Ying, deputy-inspector of Jilin Women’s Federation, Hu Hanjie, general-manager of FAW-Volkswagen Co., Ltd., as well as journalists, kindergarten teachers’ representatives and parents gathered at the activity and witnesses this key moment.

At the launch ceremony, FAW-Volkswagen announced their donation of 1,500 sets of safety seats for children’s vehicles to CWDF and their intention to raise public awareness and the overall use rate through organizing educational activities on children’s car safety with the help of kindergartens and women and children care service centers. FAW-Volkswagen hoped to join hands with CWDF in the future and support the promotion of children’s safety seats in order to strengthen public awareness of children’s road safety.

Zhu stressed that, as a national-level 5A charity organization, CWDF dedicated itself to building a better social environment for women and children’s health and growth. Children’s road safety is closely related to every family and a key issue for every parent. Providing a safe environment for children was an increasingly significant topic of society. He thanked FAW-Volkswagen for its great efforts to support this children’s road safety charity project. He also pointed out that this project was to be helpful in strengthening public awareness of children’s road safety and promoting the improvement of children’s road safety conditions.

Hu and other guests together launched the “Protecting Children and Safeguarding Children’s Travelling: 2014 FAW-Volkswagen Children’s Safety Action”. Engineers and transportation experts introduced how to correctly choose and use children’s safety seats. Guests at the ceremony experienced a collision experiment of these safety seats and thus deeply understood their importance.


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