Quanzhou Little Ducks Charity Drifting Activity Launched


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Sponsored by China Women’s Development Foundation (CWDF) and co-held by Fujian channel of Xinhua Net and Fujian Shancangzi Advertising Company, “Quanzhou Little Ducks Charity Drifting Activity”, the national care activity for families with autistic children, was launched with a unique set of blue lights at Puxi Wanda Plaza in Quanzhou, Fujian on the evening of June 1. The long-anticipated big blow-up duck swam to Quanzhou, marking the beginning of a “happy charity”. The big duck and the little ducks were prepared for Children’s Day. 

There is an inspiring story of little ducks dating back to 1992 when a freighter departed from China yet came across so strong a storm that a container with thirty thousand bath toys fell down in the sea and broke. The toys in it included yellow ducks, blue turtles and green frogs, which floated across the sea. After a total of 15 years they landed in England and America.

The little ducks’ inspiring story and the big duck’s cute looks attracted a great number of people in Quanzhou, which created a happy atmosphere. Many people bought littles ducks as their own contribution to the charity activity.

During the activity, CWDF sent the popular book, With You: A Book for Families with Autistic Children, to children and parents as gifts on Children’s Day. CWDF issued commemorative certificates to institutions, corporations and individuals for buying little ducks. The talent show of three autistic children won warm applause from the audience. The famous singer Chen Qingxiang also came especially to support the activity. He played and interacted with the children on the stage and sent his new album with his autograph to autistic children.
The first drifting competition of the Little Duck Charity Drifting Activity was held in Beijing in 2013. In April 2014 the second part of the activity landed in Xiamen. Now Quanzhou picks up the baton from Xiamen as the third stop with the theme of “Love Changes Life”. Quanzhou Little Ducks Charity Drifting Activity aims to call for more people to pay attention and give a hand to autistic children so that they can insist on scientific intervention, rehabilitation training and education.

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