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Cooperation Projects

Embry Group has worked with the China Women's Development Foundation (CWDF) to hold a slate of charity events designed to assist women of ethnic minorities in mountainous regions across China since 2006. So far, it has donated goods valued at 30.78 million yuan (U.S.$ 4.72 million) to thousands of women from ethnic minorities in 17 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

Introduction to Enterprises

Established in Hong Kong in 1975 and with over 30 years of business experience, Embry Group has grown into a large and modern corporation. The Embry Form brand has been awarded The Best-selling Lingerie Products in the Industry in China for sixteen consecutive years, ever since the National Bureau of Statistics started keeping records in 1996. Today the group's retail business extends to over 190 large and medium sized cities in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau with over 2,000 retail outlets. More than just a lingerie vendor, Embry Group has successfully developed a diverse range of top-quality lingerie brands, including "Embry Form", "Fandecie", "Comfit", "Liza Cheng" , "E-Bra" and "iadore".
Its product types, including brassieres, panties, girdles and corsets, swimwear, aerobics wear, sleepwear, pantyhose and maternity/nursing wear, appeal to women customers from all walks of life.

About Us

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As a nation-wide non-profit social welfare organization registered at the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the China Women's Development Foundation (CWDF) has dedicated itself to improving women's overall quality of life, promoting the development of women and women's undertakings and making its due contribution to building a harmonious society, since it was established in 1988.

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