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New China Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

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Cooperation Projects

  In 2006, New China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (NCI) donated 10 million yuan (U.S.$1.53 million) to Gansu Province and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, who were suffering an acute shortage of water, to build 10,000 “Water Cellars for Mothers”, benefiting 11,333 households or 53,421 people.
In August 2011, NCI donated 5 million yuan (U.S.$0.76 million) to establish the “NCI Women Care Fund” to organize professional training in family education, health care and women’s skills.   
 In July 2012, NCI donated 3.0812186 million yuan (U.S.$0.47 million) to invest in the postal parcel project and sent 25,840 impoverished mothers 20,840 sweet packages and 5,000 warm packages by purchase or by donation.  In September 2013, NCI donated 5 million (U.S.$0.76 million) to build permanent safe drinking water and hand washing infrastructures and organized activities related to health education and promotion for 50 countryside primary and secondary schools in the severest earthquake-stricken areas of Ya’an, Sichuan Province.
In August 2014, NCI donated 4 million (U.S.$0.61 million) to the earthquake-hit Ludian County to provide 20 mobile clinics and 7,000 postal parcels for mothers there and organized the doctors’ training project in the area.

Introduction to Enterprises

New China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (NCI), a Beijing-based large life insurance enterprise, was established in September 1996. It currently has such subsidiaries as New China Asset Management Corporation Limited, New China Home Endowment Enterprise Management (Beijing) Co., Limited and New China Life Insurance Health Investment Management Co. Limited. In 2011, NCI was listed both in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (stock code: 1336) and Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code: 601336).

NCI has approximately 1,600 branches nationwide with large-scale life insurance sales teams and 55,000 or so registered staff. It provides various insurance services, such as life insurance, health insurance, life accident insurance, and pension insurance, to about 29.769 million individual customers and 62,000 institute customers. In 2013, NCI scored positive growth of its premium incomes and continued to remain one of the top three companies in the life insurance industry with its insurance revenues reaching 103.64 billion yuan (U.S.$15.87 billion) and total assets being 5,658.49 billion yuan (U.S.$866.31 billion).

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