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Cooperation Projects

In June 2011, China Women’s Development Foundation and China UnionPay jointly established the “UnionPay Donation Platform”. This platform, relying on UnionPay’s payment network, helped cardholders donate to non-profits via different channels including POS, self-service terminals, online and mobile.

In August 2014, China Women’s Development Foundation and China UnionPay initiated an emergency system and opened a donation channel for “Mother Postal Parcels” in Yunnan on the platform, following the earthquake in Ludian County, Yunnan Province.

In August 2014, China UnionPay donated 1 million RMB to the earthquake-stricken areas of Ludian County to implement the “Water Cellar for Mothers · Campus Safe Drinking Water” project.

Introduction to Enterprises

China UnionPay, a union organization of Chinese bank cards, promotes interconnection and resource-sharing among the country’s commercial banks and guarantees the multi-bank, trans-regional and cross-border use of all bank cards. It cooperates with over 400 overseas institutes and authorizes over 3.8 billion cards globally with its network covering all over China and more than 140 countries and regions across Asia, Europe, Americas, Oceania and Africa. China UnionPay strives to develop its comprehensive payment services with the bank cards. The cardholders could not only use their bank cards at ATMs and POS terminals, but can also use them to pay utility bills, book air tickets and hotels, pay credit card debts and transfer money via such emerging channels as online, mobile, fixed-line telephone, self-service terminals and intellectual TVs. Under the joint efforts of China UnionPay and commercial banks, and driven by the need for bank cards to be multi-functional, such an accepting banking environment covering more regions and fields and featuring rich channels is gradually being built up. China UnionPay is dedicated to cooperating with its business partners at home and abroad to accelerate the development of China’s banking industry and provide people with excellent, safe and efficient comprehensive payment services. It aims to build itself as a global bank card organization featuring authority and credibility in China and international competency and influence worldwide, thereby entering the line of major bank card brands globally and achieving its strategic development goals of network globalization and brand internationalization.

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