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Cooperation Projects


Yabao Pharmaceutical Group has donated seven million yuan (U.S.$ 1.08 million) to the Safeguarding Teenagers’ Childhood charity scheme operated by China Women’s Development Foundation (CWDF) since 2013. The donations made by Yaobao aim to provide infants and children from economically underdeveloped regions with access to nutrition and a path to a healthy life. 

Introduction to Enterprises

Yabao Pharmaceutical Group was officially established in January, 1999. It grew from the former Shanxi Ruicheng Pharmaceutical Factory, which was later organized into Yaobao, a leading specialty pharmaceutical company with full capabilities in medical research and development, sales and logistics, and the plantation of traditional Chinese herbals. Currently, Yabao has 21 subsidiaries with nearly 6,000 employees. Yabao is the first publicly listed company of pharmaceuticals in north China’s Shanxi Province (stock code: 600351). The brand Yabao has been rated as a Chinese Famous Brand. As one of the top 100 Chinese drug manufacturing enterprises in China, it has assets valuing 3.2 billion yuan (U.S.$ 492.48 million), a turnover of 1.8 billion (U.S.$ 277.02) and annual taxation of more than 400 million yuan (U.S.$ 61.56 million).
Yabao Group is capable of producing more than 300 medical products. It is the sole producer of Dinggui Medical Patch, which is used to treat children’s indigestion. Meanwhile, the volume of its sales in Zhengui Hypertension Pills, Troxerutin Granules, Nifedipine Delayde-release Tablets and Honghua Injection is the highest in China.
To promote medical research and development, Yabao Group has opened Yabao Beijing Medical Research Institute, National Certified Enterprise's Technical Center, Taiyuan Biological Medicine Research Center, Yaobao Branch of National Pharmaceutical Engineering Research Center, Yabao Post-Doctoral Research Center, and Yabao Academician Working Station. There are 160 professional researchers in Yabao. It has been recognized as an Overseas High-end Talents Innovation and Business Start-ups Base by Shanxi People’s Government.
So far, it has built up five pharmaceutical production bases in Ruicheng and Taiyuan inShanxi, Chengdu in Sichuan Province and Beijing. Its production lines in Beijing Yabao Biological Pharmaceutical CO., Ltd and Fenglingdu Industrial Park have each recieved GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification from the U.S. and the European Union.
Yabao Group has expanded its business to the production of health care products, cosmetics and nutrients in recent few years to serve more clients. It has employed over 3,000 salespersons in 32 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and provided delivery for its customers. 
Yabao has won a collection of medals and honors, including National May 1st Labor Medal, Top Chinese High-quality Enterprises, and Leading Chinese Poverty Relief Firms, for its sound production and high-quality medicine over recent years.

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