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Cooperation Projects

        In September 2011, the PAC project was jointly launched by China Women’s Development Foundation, Chinese Medical Association Family Planning Branch, National Health and Family Planning Commission Research Institute, and At the same time, China Women’s Development Foundation and Bayer Healthcare (BHC) also established the Yiai Fund to help build hospitals with excellent services nationwide. This project, with high-quality and standardized post-abortion care, aims to establish a number of exemplary outpatient clinics with leading PAC care among medical organizations nationwide to provide professional contraception education and consulting services for post-abortion women, thereby promoting the implementation of efficient post-abortion contraception measures. 
       Over the past three years, 486 standardized outpatient clinics were established in 170 prefecture-level cities nationwide, benefiting approximately 1.5 million women of childbearing age each year. Moreover, the China Women's Reproductive Health Promotion Project was launched this March to provide women of childbearing age with professional and convenient contraception information and improve service levels of designated hospitals and drugstores.

Introduction to Enterprises

        Bayer Healthcare (BHC), a Leverkusen-based subsidiary group of Bayer, is a leading innovative pharmaceutical enterprise in the fields of medicine and healthcare, employing over 56,000 staff worldwide. BHC is dedicated to R&D, production and product sales, which can improve the health of human beings and animals. These products have improved people’s health and quality of life through diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases. In 2013, BHC’s sales revenue reached 18.9 billion Euros. Its investment into R&D exceeded 2 billion Euros, equaling 64% of Bayer’s total expenditure on R&D. 
        BHC’s relationship with China could date back to the early 20th century. In 1936, BHC established its first branch in China, producing a range of medicines, including aspirins. Headquartering in Beijing, BHC’s branch in China employed 7,100 staff and built production bases in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Qidong. Its operation sectors included Bayer prescription medicine, healthcare products and animal healthcare. Its prescription medicine business covered over 260 cities with common drugs, female healthcare and specialist medicine included in their product line.
        As a responsible enterprise, BHC has fully dedicated itself to fulfilling its commitments to the community and cooperated closely with governments and non-profit organizations, including launching a large number of key enterprise social responsibility projects such as PAC and China Women's Reproductive Health Promotion Project to promote the development of China’s public health projects.

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