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Cooperation Projects

Under the recommendation and coordination of the Development Department of the All-China Women’s Federation and the Organizing Committee of the National Community Care Campaign, Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD), which has been paying much attention to the “Two Cancers” (breast and cervical cancers) project for rural women, has decided to donate 10 million yuan (U.S.$1.53 million) to China Women’s Development Foundation from 2013 to 2016 for the purpose of promoting the China Women’s Cervical Health Promotion Plan.
This project aims to decrease rural women’s family burden and improve their quality of life. Promotional activities such as distributing brochures, offering health classes, and making public welfare advertisements and videos will be organized, and healthcare knowledge and advanced ideas will be introduced to them to ensure the two-level approach of “early prevention and early screening” against the “Two Cancers”. It is estimated that 10 million households will benefit from this project within three years. The project will be implemented in three stages:
Stage One (October 2013 – December 2014): Education
The Shell Action will be launched and modern information dissemination methods will be used to conduct educational activities among the target population within 20 provinces (autonomous regions or municipalities directly under the central government). Attracting people to join the activities and spreading knowledge via printing and distributing materials, offering classes, making videos and inviting spokespeople will enable 4 million families to benefit.
Stage Two (January 2015-December 2015): Implementation
The promotion will be conducted in a comprehensive way within 31 provinces (autonomous regions or municipalities directly under the central government) to increase coverage of the population. Girls at school and female staff in the cities will be targeted through health classes and by holding large promotional activities. Another 3 million families will benefit.
Stage Three (January 2016-December 2016): Review
The cooperation project’s review meetings will be held to strengthen the cooperation, blaze new trails in events and activities and strengthen promotion within 31 provinces (autonomous regions or municipalities directly under the central government). The beneficial target population will be expanded by another 3 million.

Introduction to Enterprises

Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) is a leading enterprise in the global medical industry. Its headquarters are based in New Jersey and it’s called Merck in America and Canada. It provides over 140 countries with innovative medical solutions and services with its prescription medicines, vaccines, biological medicines and animal healthcare products. In 2013, MSD’s global sales revenues reached $44 billion with investments in R&D totaling $7.5 billion. It ranked No.5 among the global pharmaceutical enterprises in the 2014 Forbes list.
The China market plays a significant role in MSD’s global growth strategy. MSD in China is based in Shanghai and reports directly to the MSD headquarters in America. Its employees in China exceed 5,000. Currently, it has R&D centers and factories in China and can better meet the needs of Chinese patients and customers with the integration of R&D, manufacturing and operations. 

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