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Cooperation Projects

In 2009, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) donated 2,000 “Water Cellars for Mothers” to Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region with the majority in Pengyang County.

In December 2012, CNPC Communist Party of China (CPC) members and other staff donated 20,000 “Water Cellars for Mothers” and 100 "Health Express for Mothers" mobile clinics. 

In January 2013, CNPC donated 10 “Health Express for Mothers” mobile clinics worth over 1.6 million yuan (U.S.$245,400) to Shandong Province.

In April 2013, CNPC CPC members and other staff donated 10 “Health Express for Mothers” mobile clinics worth a total of one million yuan (U.S.$153,400) to Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. 

In December 2013, CNPC CPC members and other staff donated 100 “Health Express for Mothers” mobile clinics to the earthquake-stricken areas in Ya’an, Sichuan Province. 

Introduction to Enterprises

  China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), one of the major oil and gas producers and suppliers in China, is a backbone State-owned enterprise and a comprehensive global corporation with oil and gas operations, engineering technology services, petroleum engineering construction, petroleum equipment manufacturing, financial services and new energy development being its main businesses. In 2013, it ranked No.4 among the 50 largest oil enterprises worldwide and ranked fifth in the Fortune 500. CNPC aims to build itself as a comprehensive global energy enterprise via implementing strategic development, adhering to an innovation-driven approach, valuing quality and efficiency, and accelerating the transformation of development patterns. Its 2020 strategic goal mainly lies in entering the level of world-class enterprises through improving its competency and profits capability in a comprehensive way and developing into a leading enterprise featuring green and sustainable development. 

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