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Cooperation Projects


In 2001, Mary Kay (China) Cosmetics Co., LTD made a donation to China Women’s Development Foundation to establish the “Mary Kay Entrepreneurial Fund” to support four projects, including “Mother Item”, Sichuan Women’s Entrepreneurial and Employment Training Plan, and MARY Home Green Action and Disaster Relief in Yushu, Qinghai (500,000 yuan (U.S.$76,700) was used to rebuild the Third Kindergarten in Yushu).

In 2012, in order to strengthen the impact of their projects, MARY KAY, established the “Promoting Women to Join the Cultural Industry Development” project together with China Women’s Development Foundation and the UNDP and held a pilot professional training for impoverished ethnic minorities. 

Introduction to Enterprises

In 1963, Mary Kay Ash, holding the very hope of helping women obtain individual development and success, established the MARY KAY enterprise and started her extraordinary business legacy from then on. Today, MARY KAY has become one of the largest enterprises directly selling skincare and make-up products to consumers with its annual sales revenues exceeding $3 billion. Its operations cover over 35 countries and sales staff exceed 2.4 million people.
Mary Kay (China) Cosmetics Co., LTD was established in 1995 and in 2006 the only overseas production center outside America was set up in Hangzhou, capital city of southeastern China’s Zhejiang Province. Over the past ten years or so, China has become MARY KAY’s largest overseas market with established branches in 35 major provinces or cities. MARY KAY, adhering to its mission of enriching women’s lives, has scored huge achievements in China. These achievements are:
Ÿ   Firstly, keeping positive operations and stable profits to build a bigger and stronger enterprise.
From 1999 to 2011, the sales of Mary Kay (China) Cosmetics Co., LTD grew 55 times over, second only to America in terms of the operations’ scale.
Ÿ   Secondly, providing excellent products and considerate services to meet Chinese consumers’ needs.
MARY KAY responded to consumers’ wishes attentively by actively strengthening its R&D investments into products, successfully meeting Chinese consumers’ needs. Currently, it has 12 product lines in China, including 200 different kinds of products such as TimeWise, Calming Influence and several different make-up lines.
In 2010, MARY KAY launched “Beautiful Home Services” and gave Chinese women a fresh and wonderful experience by providing tips on skincare and make-up, advice on make-up modeling in different places as well as free product testers and delivery services.
Ÿ   Thirdly, fully developing the inner beauty of the sales teams and staff to enrich their lives.
MARY KAY has become the top choice for hundreds of thousands of Chinese women by providing them with a flexible work schedule, clear operations planning and unlimited opportunities for individual growth and success. 
Due to the development of the enterprise, the sales teams and staff of Mary Kay (China) Cosmetics Co., LTD have succeeded in improving their character, talent and image.
Ÿ  Fourthly, actively shouldering corporate social responsibility and encouraging more people to contribute to society and the environment.
Up until now, Mary Kay (China) Cosmetics Co., LTD has invested approximately 80 million yuan (U.S.$12.27 million) into public welfare events and its volunteers have served more than 180,000 hours. These events mainly spread across four sectors, namely, rich life, harmonious community, friendly world and green earth.
In the future, Mary Kay (China) Cosmetics Co., LTD will spare no efforts to grow into a highly respected enterprise by continuously creating values for investors, consumers, sales teams and staff, as well as society and other shareholders.
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