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Cooperation Projects

In 2011, in order to cooperate with the government to strengthen social management, promote social harmony and stability, assist immigration and family settling work and help immigrants improve their standard of living and develop production, China Three Gorges Corporation and the All China Women’s Federation jointly established the “Reservoir Immigrants’ Assistance Fund for Women’s Development” and entrusted China Women’s Development Foundation to implement the relevant projects.

As the construction and operation organ of the Three Gorges Project, China Three Gorges Corporation highlights “Building the Three Gorges, Developing the Yangtze River” as its mission, and actively promotes and practices the water-power development ideas of “building a power station to promote the local economy, improve the regional environment and benefit immigrants.” It not only emphasizes the projects’ quality, but also puts its strong corporate social responsibility into action by actively dedicating itself to public welfare events and helping immigrants solve the practical problems they’re faced with through effective actions.

Currently, China Three Gorges Corporation has donated 30 million yuan (U.S.$4.6 million) to China Women’s Development Foundation.

In December 2012, China Three Gorges Corporation won the China Women’s Charity Award.

Introduction to Enterprises

China Three Gorges Project Corporation, approved by the State Council, was established on September 27, 1993 to build the Three Gorges and develop the Yangtze River, and was renamed China Three Gorges Corporation on September 27, 2009. China Three Gorges Corporation is a state-owned enterprise with a registered capital of 111.598 billion yuan (U.S$17.12 billion). Its major operations are water-power engineering construction and management, electricity generation and relevant professional technological services. China Three Gorges Corporation is in full charge of the construction and operation of the Three Gorges Project and the management of the Three Gorges-Gezhouba cascade reservoirs. Under the authorization of the State Council, it is allowed to gradually develop the water resources of the mainstreams and tributaries of the Yangtze River upstream and build four huge power plants, namely the Xiluodu, Xiangjiaba, Wudongde and Baihetan. It is also dedicated to actively developing new energies, such as wind, and fully implementing the global strategy to become a world-class clean energy group. By the end of 2010, its total assets reached 285.5 billion yuan (U.S$43.79 billion) and net assets 205 billion yuan (U.S$31.45 billion). Its installed power generation capacity totaled 21.4697 million kw and annual power generation exceeded 100 billion kilowatts per hour. China Three Gorges Corporation pays attention to both developing itself and giving back to society. It contributed to building a harmonious society by optimizing its advantageous resources, actively supporting public welfare events and improving people’s livelihoods. From 2002 to 2010, it donated 325.9442 million yuan  (U.S$50 million) to support public welfare events, of which 46.1503 million yuan (U.S$7.08 million) was used for fixed-point poverty alleviation, 176.8842 million yuan (U.S$27.13 million) for the pairing-assistance and enterprise-residents c0-construction and 102.9097 million yuan (U.S$15.79 million) as a charitable donation. Its official website is

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