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Cooperation Projects

   The All-China Women's Federation and the Ministry of Health started a pilot project providing free check of cervical cancer and breast cancer for rural women in 2009. With public support, the China Women's Development Foundation (CWDF) set up a special fund for impoverished mothers with cervical cancer or breast cancer. In August 2010, Founder Development Fund for Health was formally established and two cancer projects were implemented. The Founder group donated 5 million yuan (U.S.$ 0.77 million) every year from 2010 to 2014. At the end of October 2014, the project provided 20 million yuan (U.S.$ 3.09 million) to 26 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, curing 1975 patients with cervical or breast cancers and training 500 physicians.
Founder Development Fund for Health fully demonstrates the great concern of the government and society for women's health. It has enhanced health awareness and promoted early treatment of disease to reduce mortality rates. 

Introduction to Enterprises

Founder Group was established in Peking University in 1986. Peking University holds 70 percent of their shares, while the management holds 30 percent. In 2007, the total income of the group reached 40 billion yuan (U.S.$ 6.2 billion). In 2013, Founder Group's total income, total assets and net assets were valued respectively at 68 billion yuan (U.S.$ 10.4 billion), 96 billion yuan (U.S.$ 14.8 billion), and 33.9 billion yuan (U.S.$ 5.2 billion) throughout the year. Founder Group is currently divided into five major industry groups and has more than 35,000 employees. Under the supervision of Peking University, Founder Group contributes to society by increasing national soft power and focusing on the four areas of national culture, health, education, and science and technology. 

About Us

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As a nation-wide non-profit social welfare organization registered at the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the China Women's Development Foundation (CWDF) has dedicated itself to improving women's overall quality of life, promoting the development of women and women's undertakings and making its due contribution to building a harmonious society, since it was established in 1988.

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